Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride

Chapter 1269 - 1269 Kang Ruicheng, you’re under arrest

Chapter 1269 - 1269 Kang Ruicheng, you’re under arrest

Toshiko doesn’t know what’s going on.

However, he was obviously more anxious than Kang Ruicheng and said, “Brother Cheng, don’t open the door yet, I’ll find out what’s going on! If it’s not possible, you find a way to get out, I’ll cover for you!”

Kang Ruicheng thought of something and glanced downstairs, and sure enough, there were police cars, SWAT cars, and police lines.

He looked at the opposite building again, and if he wasn’t wrong, there should have been a sniper ambush, and at the moment, the sniper’s gun was pointed at his head.

Once they realized he was trying to escape, the sniper had a reason to strike.

However, he would not give Lu Bo Yan this chance to directly shoot him down.

That being said, Lu Bo Yan and the A City police should have been planning this operation for a long time.

They knew, and were certain, that he was here.

Kang Ruicheng clearly realized that he couldn’t escape or hide.

“No need.” Kang Ruicheng calmly explained, “Dongzi, I’m only going to say this once, you do a few things for me.”

Dongzi began to panic, his voice trembling a little, “Brother Cheng, I ……”

“Dongzi!” Kang Ruicheng roared and said angrily, “You’ve been following me for so many years, and you can’t cope with something like this? I order you, calm down!”

Dongzi took a deep breath, and his voice finally returned to normal, “Brother Cheng, go ahead, I’m listening.”

Kang Ruicheng quickly ordered Dongzi a few things, then explained, “Lu Bo Yan and the others might go looking for you, you have to finish what I’ve explained to you before they get to you!”

“I know ……,” Dongzi doubted Kang Ruicheng’s order for the first time, and stammered on, “But, Brother Cheng, if Miss Xu dies, in this world, there will be no more this person. Are you sure you want to do that?”

“I’m sure.” Kang Ruicheng said coldly, “Dongzi, even if there is this person Xu Yuning in the world, she will not belong to me. So, I’m going to destroy her. If I can’t get her, no one will be able to get her!”

Kang Ruicheng had already said so, Dongzi also stopped thinking about it and responded, “Yes, Brother Cheng, I’ll do as you ordered!”

“Hold on tight.”

Kang Ruicheng admonished Dongzi, then hung up the phone.

Just at that moment, Ning walked out of the room.

Ning looked at the door and then apprehensively looked at Kang Ruicheng, “Who’s here?”

“Someone who has nothing to do with you.” Conrad City ordered, “You go to your room and stay there.”

Ning shook her head and ran over to grab Kang Ruicheng’s wrist, “No, I want to stay with you!”

She didn’t know, nor did it occur to her, that Conrad City didn’t need her company.

Moreover, Kang Ruicheng disliked this kind of self-assertive behavior of hers.

Kang Ruicheng’s expression went cold as he warned, “Xiaoning, I told you that if you live here, you have to do what I say! If you can’t do that, pack up and leave immediately!”

Ning immediately reacted to the fact that she had overstepped her bounds, and busily lowered her head, turning around and running back to her room.

She finally got it.

She wasn’t the one who could stay by Kang Ruicheng’s side, the “Auntie Yuning” that Mu Mu talked about was.

Perhaps, for Kang Ruicheng, she is just a tool for hair|exhaustion.

It was also true that she was just a woman who was rented by Kang Ruicheng with money, what qualifications did she have to accompany Kang Ruicheng?

Kang Ruicheng couldn’t take into account Ning’s mood, walked to the door, looked at the monitor’s display, and only saw a young man wearing the property office’s work clothes.

This is the usual police routine.

Heavily armed police officers hide and let the property supervisor knock on the door, which supposedly lowers one’s defenses.

However, this kind of trick can only fool the general public.

Kang Ruicheng changed his clothes and walked out, opening the door very calmly.

He wasn’t about to tie up his hands.

He could imagine that right now, the police and Lu Bo Yan’s people had surrounded the place with three layers inside and three layers outside, and this time, they would definitely take him away, and it would be hard for him to escape.

Since this was the case, he might as well go with them first and see what tricks Lu Bo Yan and Mu Si Jue were going to play.

The security door slowly opened, and what was reflected in Kang Ruicheng’s eyes was really no longer the property supervisor, but a special police officer armed to the teeth, and a few people from Interpol, one of which, was Gao Han, who had been tracking and investigating him for many years.

Seeing Gao Han, Kang Ruicheng smiled instead, but the smile contained a few points of contempt, “Gao Han, you’ve degenerated to the point where you want to cooperate with the domestic police?”

Gao Han coldly hooked up his lips, “Let’s not talk about whether or not it’s degrading for me to cooperate with the domestic police, but it’s you who has to rely on going to a club to be able to find a woman, that’s what’s considered degrading, isn’t it?”

“Women and careers are not the same.” Kang Ruicheng lit a cigarette and looked out the door, “You guys came to pick me up in such a big way, did you find any solid evidence?”

“That’s right.” Gao Han said word for word, “Kang Ruicheng, this time, not only are we going to bring you to justice, we are also going to uproot the entire Kang family, you won’t be able to be arrogant for long.”

“Snort–” Kang Ruicheng looked at Gao Han with disdain as if he had heard the coldest joke of the century, “Are you crazy for wanting to take down Gao Han? Have you forgotten what happened to your father and sister? How tragic their couple’s deaths were at that time, do you need me to repeat it to you?”

Without the need for Kang Ruicheng to repeat his reminder, Gao Han knew how his aunt and uncle had died tragically back then.

But he wasn’t his aunt, much less his uncle.

Kang Ruicheng couldn’t help him at all with the tricks he used twenty years ago!

Gao Han smiled coldly and didn’t say anything, just briefly explaining the cause according to the procedure before ordering the arrest of Kang Ruicheng.

This time, he had come prepared, and he had teamed up with the strongest person.

He wouldn’t slip up like his aunt did, and he’d send Kang Ruicheng to jail and bring him to justice!

Kang Ruicheng knew that there was nowhere for him to escape today, and was quite cooperative, following the police away.

Xiao Ning had been peeking through the door when she heard the commotion outside the door, but eventually she didn’t hold back and ran out of the room, calling out to Kang Ruicheng, “Brother Cheng!”

Kang Ruicheng frowned and ordered, “There’s nothing for you, go back!”

Xiao Ning has never seen so many SWAT officers, also do not understand why there are so many SWAT officers to find Kang Ruicheng, a time six gods, do not know should listen to Kang Ruicheng words to go back to the room, or should be for the sake of Kang Ruicheng out of the head of the reasoning for a bit.

Bai Tang had read over Ning’s profile on the way here, a simple misguided girl who had been conditioned to be very good at coming to blows and making trouble.

He didn’t want a girl to disrupt their plans.

Bai Tang decisively made a preemptive strike, signaling the police officers around him, “Take everyone here away!”

Ning panicked for a moment and tried to escape.

She didn’t do anything. Why take her too?

Kang Ruicheng still needs Xiao Ning to convey his situation to Dongzi, and with Bai Tang taking Xiao Ning away as well, Dongzi won’t know that Lu Bo Yan has joined forces with Interpol as well.

He couldn’t let Ning be taken away too.

Kang Ruicheng looked at Bai Tang and emphasized, “She’s just a random woman I found, she has nothing to do with my business, let her go!”𝒩Ew st𝒐ries at n𝒐/vel/bin(.)co𝒎

Bai Tang snorted coldly and directly demolished Kang Ruicheng, “Surname Kang, don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking!” Saying that, he looked at Ning, “Little beauty, don’t ever think that Kang Ruicheng is caring about you, then you’re too naive, he’s calculating to squeeze the last bit of value out of you.”

“…… “Ning didn’t know whether to believe Bai Tang’s words or not, and looked at Kang Ruicheng uncertainly.

However, Kang Ruicheng didn’t say anything else and didn’t look at her again.

Perhaps it really was just that she was overthinking things.

Seeing this, Bai Tang smiled and continued, “Kang Ruicheng, whether or not this girl has anything to do with your matter, we, the police, will investigate on our own, it’s not up to you. According to the rules, we are allowed to take her away.” Saying this, he waved his big hand and arrogantly ordered, “Bring them all back to the police station!”

Gao Han and Bai Tang personally escorted them, and following the planned route, they quickly brought Kang Ruicheng and Xiaoning back to the police station.

White Tang had to be honest, and the moment he returned to the police, he let out a long sigh of relief.

Kang Ruicheng had been back for so long, and his power in A City had been growing day by day, and when he and Gao Han set out, they had considered whether Kang Ruicheng’s people would pop up halfway and rob them, and how they should deal with it.

The secrecy of their actions proved to be well placed, and it was too late for the people of Conrad City to react.

Pak Tang only wished that everything that followed went so smoothly as well.

Ning must not know anything, just go through the procedure, they don’t need to waste too much time and energy on her.

Ning was temporarily detained, and Kang Ruicheng was sent directly to the interrogation room.

The specially designed lighting and layout of the interrogation room clearly had no effect on Conrad City.

Kang Ruicheng sat on the chair, even with his hands handcuffed, he still looked calm and collected, as if he shouldn’t even be here.

Director Tang and Gao Han personally came out to interrogate Kang Ruicheng, Lu Boyan and Shen Yuechuan and Bai Tang sat in the next room and watched everything in the interrogation room.

Kang Ruicheng recognized Chief Tang at once and said, “You are the police officer who counted on my father together with the one surnamed Lu back then? I didn’t care about you back then, otherwise, you and surname Lu should have ended up in the same place.”

Director Tang was not at all threatened by Kang Ruicheng and asked directly, “Kang Ruicheng, so you admit that you plotted to kill Lawyer Lu fifteen years ago?”

Kang Ruicheng quickly reacted that this was a trap.

He smiled and lightly put himself out of the picture, “The death of the surname Lu has nothing to do with me. As far as I know, he was run over by someone in a car, what could it have to do with me?”

“However, someone reported to us that the person who drove into Lawyer Lu back then was you.” Director Tang flung a document in front of Kang Ruicheng, “This is the whistleblower’s oral statement, take a good look at it.”

“Hong Qing?” Kang Ruicheng saw the confirmation signature in the lower right corner at a glance, and his expression stared for a moment, but he quickly returned to normal and said with a smile, “You guys actually found Hong Qing?”

It is said that money makes the devil work, and back then, Kang Ruicheng used money to buy off Hong Qing.

After Hong Qing is released from prison after his sentence, Kang Ruicheng is worried that Hong Qing is messing up and wants to find him and finish him off, but he can’t find him.

Unexpectedly, it was found by Lu Bo Yan and the others.

And, as he expected, Hong Qing really did have the guts to mess around!

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