Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride

Chapter 1314 It’s never gonna get light.

Chapter 1314 It’s never gonna get light.

This night was so dreamy that Xu Yuning also slept extraordinarily peacefully.

Instead, Musashi stayed up all night.

He looked at Xu Yuning in his arms for an instant, and when he came back to his senses, it was already four o’clock in the morning.

For the past few hours, his head seemed to be blank and he seemed to be thinking a lot.

The only thing that was clear was that what awaited him when he returned was the greatest challenge of his life.

In that case, all the more reason for him to cherish these three days.

At this time, what Mu Sijiu didn’t know was that fate had been so stingy that it wouldn’t even give him three days.

Mu Sijun didn’t know why, he just felt annoyed, so he gently let go of Xu Yuning, walked outside the tent and lit a cigarette.

Mina was on duty in the second half of the night and was the first to notice the movement on Mu Sijun’s side, picking up the walkie-talkie and asking, “Seventh Brother, what’s wrong? Do you need help?”

“It’s fine.” Mousseguy lowered his head slightly and bit down on his cigarette, “I’ll have a smoke.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Mina didn’t dare to disturb Mousseur and said nothing more, and the intercom went quiet.

Moussegu finished his cigarette and blew for a while, waiting until his body didn’t smell anymore before returning inside the tent.

Xu Yuning still maintained the position he was in just now, sleeping soundly.

In fact, Xu Yuning is a very vigilant person.

If it was in the past, she would have noticed and awakened long ago when Mu Sijun came in and out like this.

But now, in her sleep, she was apparently unaware of it.

Mu Sijiu only wanted to believe that it was because after returning to him, Xu Yuning could be at ease.

He didn’t want to admit that the condition had affected Xu Yuning’s perception and reaction even more severely.

“Well ……”

Sleeping Xu Yuning suddenly moved, one hand groping around her a few times, looking like she was looking for Mu Siju.

Mu Sijiu was afraid that Xu Yuning would wake up in fear, lay down, and took her into his arms, Xu Yuning really obediently did not move.

As he looked at Xu Yuning in his arms, the corners of his lips unconsciously rose slightly, then he closed his eyes, and it didn’t take long for him to fall into a deep sleep.

Two hours later, dawn crept in.

Perhaps it was because the environment was too unfamiliar, Xu Yuning did not sleep until sunrise like in the past, and his consciousness returned to wakefulness early.

She heard the crisp chirping of birds, and the whistling of the wind, mixing together like an unusually beautiful piece of music played by nature.

Xu Yuning hazily opened his eyes, and the surroundings were still dark.

Simply thinking that it was still light, she changed her sleeping position, fumbled around Mousse, and closed her eyes again to sleep.

She had forgotten that the lights in the tent were, in fact, on.

Even if it was still light and she couldn’t see the sun, she should be able to see the light.

Mu Sijiu was already easy to wake up, and with Xu Yuning’s flurry, he also opened his eyes.

The mountain air is great, and the early morning air is especially good.

In the morning, the wet | moist air as if washed by the mountain spring water, every trace of it is refreshing.

Mu Sijun looked at the time, it was already late and they had to rush to the next place.

Xu Yuning had clearly woken up just now and lay down again, obviously wanting to stay in bed.

Mu Sijun pinched Xu Yuning’s face and ordered, “Get up.”

“It’s not even dawn yet.” Xu Yuning opened Mu Sijiu’s hand and buried her face into the pillow, “Stop it.”

As if he had been hit by some heavy blow, Musashi’s hand froze in mid-air and his entire body froze.

It was clearly dawn, the thin light of morning was faintly visible on the distant hills, and the world had welcomed a new day.

However, Xu Yuning actually said in a daze that it was still light.

Her world, has it fallen into darkness?

It was as if Mu Sijun had been caught off guard and stabbed, his heart aching uncontrollably and violently, and even his breath was raw and painful.

He lay down and gently hugged Xu Yuning without speaking.

If she still wants to sleep, then let her.

No matter what Xu Yuning’s world becomes, no matter what this world becomes, he will always be by Xu Yuning’s side.

Xu Yuning did still want to sleep, and after feeling Mu Sijun lying down, he vaguely sensed that something was wrong again.

Mousse …… is too silent.

Didn’t he just order her to get up? What’s with the silence now?

Xu Yuning sat up and opened his eyes, the surroundings were still dark.

He dazedly pulled Mu Sijiu: “Why is it so dark? What time is it, should we turn on a light?”

“No need.” Mu Sijun sat up, face to face with Xu Yuning, and said, “This is quite good.”

“But this looks too ……”

Xu Yuning wanted to say, but this look is too dark, right?

Yet only halfway through the sentence, she suddenly reacted that something wasn’t quite right.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t experienced the darkness before.

The blackness in front of her eyes was too dark and too complete, the kind of blackness that was truly out of reach, as if the earth had turned into a purgatory and there would never be a ray of light again.

On a normal night, no matter how dark it is, you can always see a little bit.

But now, she can’t see anything.

Xu Yuning had a vague premonition of some kind.

And that hunch, in all likelihood, has come true.

In an instant, Xu Yuning felt like she had been thrown into a place of extreme cold, a chill spreading from the soles of her feet to the palms of her hands.

It’s not dark.

Rather, her world was plunged into darkness for all eternity.

She is, finally, blind to everything ……

Mu Sijun looked at Xu Yuning’s darkened eyes, it was not difficult to guess that Xu Yuning knew that she had lost her eyesight.

Song Jiqing and Ye Lu just told him that it would be soon.

He just didn’t expect it to be this fast.

Mu Sijun took Xu Yuning into his arms and gently stroked the back of her head, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Xu Yuning tried to adjust her emotions, trying to squeeze out a smile to put Mu Sijun at ease, but in the end, she couldn’t control herself and squeezed out tears.

Her hands clenched into fists, and just quietly, she cried.

“Don’t cry. Yuning, don’t cry.” Mu Sijun hugged Xu Yuning even harder, like he wanted to give her a harbor she could rely on, “You still have me, I’m by your side.”

“Mu Sijiu ……” Xu Yuning choked and asked, “What should I do if I can never see again?”

“No, definitely not.” Mu Sijiu confidently promised, “On the day the child is born, Henry and Ji Qing will help you with the surgery, you will get better, and your eyesight will be restored. Don’t think blindly, after some more time, you will definitely be able to see again.”

Xu Yuning nodded, trying to force back the tears.

In reality, even if Mushi Duke was by her side, even if Mushi Duke said he would accompany her, she was still at a loss in her heart.

For the past period of time, she has been getting weaker and weaker, but she still has the basic ability to take care of herself.

But now as soon as she loses her sight, she’s on disability.

If she wants to live without incident, she’ll need someone to take care of her exclusively.

She is going to change the pattern and habits of her life for more than twenty years, to get used to a way of life that has no no color, no light.

Maybe she is too cowardly, she thinks …… this is really a terrible thing.

The only thing she was thankful for was that she didn’t have to hide her fear in front of Mousse.

Xu Yuning hugged Mu Sijun, her voice slightly trembling, “Mu Sijun, I’m so scared ……”

When she learned of her condition, she was afraid that it would not be cured and that she would not be able to keep her baby, so she was more afraid of the future.

And now, it’s a deep anxiety and restlessness, like a person suddenly lost in a forest.

It’s a feeling that’s no better than fear.

“Don’t be afraid.” Mu Sijun stroked Xu Yuning’s back, trying his best to give her the greatest comfort, “No matter what happens, I’ll be with you, we’ll face it together.”

“……” Xu Yuning nodded sluggishly, his emotions finally recovering as he asked, “What time is it, anyway?”

“It’s just getting light.” Mu Sijiu looked at his watch, “It’s half past six.”

“Yes?” Xu Yuning was a bit regretful, “I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t even be able to see the sunrise today.”

“Don’t be blind.” Musashi said, “After you recover, you can watch the sunrise for the rest of your life.”

Xu Yuning tried to squeeze out a smile and said, “Mu Sijiu, let’s go back. I want to go home.”

According to the original itinerary of Mu Si Jiu, they still had one more place to go.

Xu Yuning also quietly wondered if that place would be a bigger surprise than a meteor shower.

But, now that things were in this state, she didn’t want to go anywhere but back to the safest place she could stay.

Mu Sijiu understood Xu Yuning’s mood, and certainly would not refuse her request at this time.

He let go of Xu Yuning, stroked her face, took her hand and said, “Okay, let’s go home.”

Undeniably, because of Mu Sijiu’s every move in the details, Xu Yuning was quite at ease.

Xu Yuning’s mood wasn’t so bad anymore, trying to adjust her emotions not to let Mu Sijun worry, and answered briskly, “Good!”

When he finished, he popped up with vigor.

She forgot that this was a tent and the height wasn’t as tall as she was.

Mu Si Jue wanted to stop when it was already too late, can only watch Xu Yuning righteously “bang” hit the tent support, the whole process down, the picture is extremely comical.


Xu Yuning yelped, embarrassed to make another sound after realizing what a stupid thing he had done.

Surprisingly, Mu Sijun had also remained silent.

Xu Yuning thought about it and quickly reacted, kicking Mu Sijun with precision, “Don’t think that just because I can’t see anymore, I don’t know that you’re laughing!”

The corners of Musashi’s lips rose slightly as he confessed, “I am indeed smiling.”

“Why didn’t you remind me?” Xu Yuning rubbed his head, chagrined and anxious, “You knew I couldn’t see!”Ne/w novel chapt𝒆rs are published on no/vel(/bin(.)co/m

“You were too fast, I couldn’t make it.” Mu Sijiu’s tone was full of helplessness, saying that he directly picked Xu Yuning up, “Let’s go back.”

Out of the tent, Xu Yuning smelled the early morning scent of the mountains.

Clean, crisp, and laced with the faint scent of wild plants.

When she came here yesterday, she obviously couldn’t smell anything.

Perhaps, as someone else said, those who can’t see will hear better and have a better sense of smell.

Xu Yuning pressed her face against Mu Sijiu’s chest, “If you look at it this way, it’s not a particularly bad thing that I can’t see ……”

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