Chapter 9 Kato Twins

Hours Later

Lee Seng wiped the sweat off his face and grabbed a water bottle near him and chugged it. It had been 30 minutes after Zoe and Dr. Valentin left that his arm became normal again. He decided he would do some physical training to past the time, but his mind seemed to be somewhere else.

'If my power is, indeed, gravity then what can I do to make the negative easier on me? If the negative activates where I release the gravity then can I negate it?' He pondered to himself.

He lifted himself off the bench and wiped the sweat off his face with the towel hanging around his neck.

"First know your power." Lee Seng muttered. Understanding your power meant learning about it through usage. Sometimes doing research or even getting knowledge from people who have similar abilities was great for understanding your ability.

The foundation for wielding your power meant having a understanding and since Lee Seng couldn't figure out if someone had a similar or exact power like him, he was stuck with the old fashion way. Lee Seng set the towel on the bench and made his way towards the wooden dummy. He stopped far enough away from the dummy so he could push/pull it.

'Lets to see if I was right about the push and pull.' Lee Seng shook his hands before raising his left hand up. 'Imagine what you want to do and then let it happen.'

Lee Seng began to think about the dummy coming over to him. He turned his hand to face him and made a claw. He then yanked towards him, closing his hand. The dummy didn't move. He repeated the steps over and over but the dummy never budged.

Lee Seng groaned in frustration and sat himself down. His ears twitched and the sound of a door sliding open alerted him. He turned to look and Akio was strolling in alongside his sister, Akali.

"Yoo!" Akio happily chimed. Akali quickly grabbed her brothers arm and looked at him. Lee Seng noticed she had dyed her hair blonde and had it up in a pony tail. On her right cheek was the glowing symbol of her number, 9.

"Who's that?" Akali asked. Akio turned to look at her and raised his watch.

"It says Lee is supposed to be here." Akio repeated the information. The both of them turned to look at Lee Seng who had a white tail and white ears. Lee Seng stood up and waved.

"Oh, you're back?" Lee Seng happily asked. The twins looked at each other as the strange animal-like person wandered closer. Lee Seng felt their strange looks and stopped in his tracks, smile disappearing.

"I think... that's him." Akio rubbed his chin. "His appearance is quite..."

"Different." Akali finished, nodding. She made her way towards Lee Seng and studied the new appearance of Lee Seng. She nodded as her brother slowly crept forward, staring at the white tail and white ears. They both noticed the two new additions -- a white tail and ears.

"How did this happen?" Akio asked. Lee Seng broke an awkward smile and slightly turned.

"Well... the Trigger kinda... did this." Lee Seng quietly answered.

"Your tail is made of... pure Dark Matter?" Akali observed. Akali always had a knack for seeing Dark Matter with her eyes. It was a part of her unique skillset which helped determine where to go in a fight. Lee Seng nodded.

"It registers on scanner as white energy. Not the usual gray-black swirling energy." Lee Seng told them.

"Why does it remind me of... a fox?" Akio asked. He turned to look at his sister who was still studying Lee Seng's new changes.

"You see it, Akio? He radiates a different color than the rest of us." Akali spoke. Akio turned to look at Lee Seng who was trying to figure out whether or not he should look at them or stare at the ground. He was becoming uncomfortable.

Akio sighed and took a step closer. Lee Seng's eyes focused onto Akio as Akio grabbed him and hugged him.

"Woah!" Lee Seng stammered. He was surprised Akio would hug him. If he remembered correctly, Akio never hugged unless it was important. Lee Seng couldn't remember why, but he had a feeling Akio was trying to figure something out.

Akio felt the Dark Matter energy but didn't quite truly feel it. The energy was mixing with something... Unknown and becoming something else. He pulled away from Lee Seng and smiled, ruffling the boys hair.

"Akio, stop it!" Lee Seng stepped away. Akio chuckled and nodded.

"Two different energies mixing together and creating something new." Akio said. Akali nodded. She pointed at the tail.

"The most condensed point of these new energies is where the fox tail is." Akali pointed out. Lee Seng turned to look at his tail but it swung away from him.

"So I'm different?" Lee Seng asked. He looked back up at the Kato twins who were both thinking.

"It's too early to know." Akali answered.

"Anywho, hope we didn't distract you from your training." Akio said. Lee Seng waved the comment off and shook his head.

"I was doing mostly physical training. I thought I should practice controlling my power but it's harder to use it than I thought." Lee Seng replied.

"You follow the steps? Imagine what you want to happen and then allow the Dark Matter to respond to it?" Akali asked.

"Feel the Dark Matter respond?"

Akali nodded and held her hand out. A beam of light started to concentrate on her hand and then grow into a blade of light. She held it up and waved it.

"To feel Dark Matter is different for everyone. For me, it's about the light particles becoming a reality. Light is something is used to see things in a room. A flashlight used in the dark to guide your way forward. In this case, I am the light source thus I can shine my way through the darkness.

"In your case, you should remember back to the last couple of times your power activated. What situation were you in that caused it to activate? What were your emotions like? Did your body react a certain way? These are some questions to ask yourself. Remember those feelings and the way your body reacted because that can be your starting point." Akali explained.

Lee Seng nodded slowly and stared at his hand. Images of the locker room flooded back to him. He was being provoked and his body began to vibrate. His anger was slowly building like it always did but the vibrations were different.

"My body feels this change. It starts to vibrate and when I get angry, it grows. If my power really has to do with gravity, why would it vibrate in response...?" Lee Seng whispered.

"Something's don't make sense with our powers. I feel a pulling sensation every time I'm about to use it. Akali hears chimes." Akio answered. "Just remember, if you let your emotions do whatever they want, your powers will do whatever they want and you won't be able to stop it."

Lee Seng turned to face the dummy again. He walked up closer to the dummy, leaving an arm's length between him and it. He let out a sigh.

'C'mon, Dark Matter. Let me feel the vibrations again.' Lee Seng thought. Lee Seng closed his eyes and started to imagine the Dark Matter all throughout his body, shaking. Time had passed and Lee Seng was about to give up when he started to feel his hands start to shake. He opened his eyes and stared at his hands.

"Can I only get it to my hands?" Lee Seng whispered. He could feel the vibrations start to climb up his arms, but it grew weaker as it reached his elbows. "It won't go further than my... elbows." Akio looked at Akali and nudged her over to Lee Seng.

"What do you want me to do?" Akali whispered. "I think you'd be suited for teaching him about this."

"He might be a Fighter. I'm primarily Glass." Akio answered back in a whisper. Akali slapped her brother and sighed.

"Didn't Z say he emitted gravity from his body though?"

Akio shrugged. "I don't know. If he can only handle that much right now, he'll have to learn from a Fighter until he can handle more." Akio pushed Akali forward and she stumbled over to Lee Seng who was flexing his fingers and hands. Akali cleared her throat and Lee Seng looked up. He raised his hands towards her and she noticed his hands were shaking.

"See this? It only covers my hands and wrists, but I don't feel much elbows up." Lee Seng showed her. Akali nodded and pointed at his hand.

"Can I..." Akali asked. Lee Seng nodded and she grabbed his hand. She could feel the Dark Matter energy moving about. It was strong in his hand, but as she slowly moved her hand up towards his elbow, she started to feel the energy not moving as much. "Hmm, you could be a Fighter-class."

"A Fighter-class?"

Akali let go of Lee Seng's arm and nodded.

"When you get your power, you're categorized into one of four categories. It's strange, though, because Zoe told me you emitted energy out of your body and hand like a Glass."

"So what should I do then? Are you gonna tell me about the classes or..."𝒩Eew st𝒐ries at n𝒐/vel/bi/n(.)co𝒎

"Let's see..." Akali began to ponder. She thought for a bit and then pointed at the dummy. "See how hard you can punch that with your power. If you can control the blow of your punch with your power, I'll tell you about the four classes."

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