Crazy Detective

Chapter 2687

Chapter 2687: Chapter 2681-finally getting married (finale)

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“Half a month later, at Qinshan city’s Hongtai Grand Hotel. ”

The sun was shining brightly and the wind was gentle.

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying’s wedding was held there as scheduled.

“Although Zhao Yu’s previous idea was to keep a low profile, how could he keep a low profile when it came to a big wedding? ”

“In addition to his friends and family, his old colleagues at the Qinshan police station, the criminal Division, and the leaders and colleagues of the secret services Department were all present. ”

“Of course, there were also some criminal investigation team leaders who had solved cases with Zhao Yu from all over the country who had heard the news and came to participate. ”

“Even some of his international friends had come from far away to congratulate Zhao Yu. Among them were Jeka from cosavia, Juliet France, Miss Li Zhenzhu from Korea, Masako Yangshan from Japan, and so on. ”

“Although Lee Bencheng and Zhao Yu had a close relationship, because he was still a dead man, he could only hide in a corner and not meet the public. ”

“However, before that, li Bencheng had already reunited with his son, Li Jie, and was naturally satisfied. ”

“At that moment, as Zhao Yu and Miao Ying’s godson, Li Jie naturally had to attend the wedding and hold flowers for the two newlyweds. ”

“This time, Zhao Yu had specially arranged for a simple Chinese wedding, so the bride and groom were both dressed in Chinese wedding clothes, and Miao Ying had a traditional red veil on her head! ”

“At the beginning of the wedding, gongs and drums were first heard at the hotel entrance. Blondie Zhou Yang and the others personally beat the drums to cheer. ”

“Soon after, the lion dance Team appeared and gave everyone a wonderful lion dance performance. ”

“Then, the wedding car with the bride arrived! ”

“The wedding car was readily available, which was Zhao Yu’s own Aston Martin ONE77! ”

“The car itself was red, so it was perfect for a wedding car. ”

“After the wedding car was parked, the emcee brought Zhao Yu three red Arrows and held the shooting ceremony. ”

“The first arrow shot into the sky, representing praying for the blessings of the heavens; ”

“The second arrow shot into the ground, representing eternity; ”

“The third arrow was shot into the distance, representing a long and happy life … ”

“Originally, shooting arrows was just a formality, but it had been set up as an obstacle by the bridesmaids who had come with them. ”

“The so-called bridesmaid, like the bridesmaids, was also dressed in a Chinese wedding dress and dressed like a maidservant in ancient times. ”

“This time, Miao Ying’s four bridesmaids were cui Lizhu, Ding Lan, Xi menna, and Zhang Peipei. ”

“Besides Zhang Peipei, the other three were so familiar with Zhao Yu that they would not let him have the beauty so easily. As soon as they got out of the car, they stopped Zhao Yu, not letting him shoot. ”

“However, Zhao Yu was well prepared. He immediately gave each of them a super big red packet, and the four of them finally stopped. ”

“Archery was a ceremony, so Zhao Yu quickly shot two arrows in a day. When he shot the third arrow, cui Lizhu had another trick up her sleeve! ”

“””Boss!”” Cui Lizhu stood in front of the arrow and said,””you have to shoot far!”” ”

“””Yup!”” Xi menna joined in.””The further away we are, the happier we are!”” ”

“””alright!”” such a small matter was not difficult for zhao yu. he used an accelerator and shot the arrow at the same time. before anyone could see it clearly, the arrow had already disappeared. ”

waa …

“To everyone’s surprise, Zhao Yu opened the car door and welcomed miss Miao out. ”

“With Ding Lan’s help, Miao Ying, who was wearing a red veil, walked into the wedding sedan that was prepared in advance. ”

“The four people who carried the palanquin were Ran Tao, Zeng ke, Wang Can, and Xiao hang. The four of them lifted the palanquin and swayed all the way to the banquet hall. ”

“””You four bad guys …”” Ding Lan could tell that the four of them were shaking too hard. She immediately took out Miao Ying’s Red packet and was about to give it to them. ”

“However, cui Lizhu had inherited Zhao Yu’s good tradition, which was called bad. ”

“She stopped Ding Lan and said to the four sedan carriers,””””Hey, I’m warning you, our sister Miao is pregnant. If you dare to show her around, you’ll see how our boss will punish you!”” ”

“””Ah!?”” ”

“Hearing the threat, the four of them became obedient. ”

But Zhao Yu was puzzled. How come I didn’t know about such a big thing?

“Just like that, the four of them carried the palanquin all the way into the hall. ”

“Seeing the arrival of the wedding sedan, it immediately attracted the gazes of all the guests. ”

“Then, Ding Lan and Xi menna helped Miao Ying out of the sedan. They stepped on the tiles first, then over the brazier, which represented peace and prosperity. ”

“Then, Zhao Yu’s mother quickly came forward and gave her daughter-in-law a big red packet. ”

“Zhao Yu didn’t lack money. He had originally given his mother some money, but to show her sincerity, his mother had generously taken out all of her and his father’s savings. ”

“After that, under the host’s signal, the big wedding ceremony of the crazy detective officially began. ”

“””First bow to heaven and earth!”” ”

“The host shouted, and Zhao Yu and Miao Ying both knelt down and kowtowed to the heavens and earth. ”

“””Second, bow to the parents!”” ”

“After that, the two of them paid their respects to the high Hall. ”

“Zhao Yu’s parents, Miao kun, and Xu Qin couldn’t be absent from such a grand wedding. ”

Miao kun and Xu Qin were overjoyed to see the two newlyweds getting married. They even held hands.

“””Husband and wife bow to each other!”” ”

“After the two bowed to each other, the climax of the wedding finally arrived. Zhao Yu lifted the red veil of the bride. ”

“Miao Ying, who was already a natural beauty, looked even more beautiful at that moment. She was wearing a traditional wedding dress, but she still looked so valiant, which made Zhao Yu stunned! ”

“In his mind, he recalled the first time they met in the summer. She had bright eyes and white teeth, looking refreshing and beautiful, making him feel like he was bathing in the spring breeze … ”

“Of course, what he remembered the most, in addition to Miao Ying’s heroic posture, was the battle between the dragon and the tiger in the training class, as well as the stumbling and falling in love after that … ”

“Looking back on the past, not only did Zhao Yu feel emotional, but he also thanked the heavens for letting him live again. He also thanked his dear Miao Ying for letting him find the meaning of life … ”

“Thinking of these past events, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but pull Miao Ying into his arms. ”

“””eh? it wasn’t time for the nuptial chamber yet? is the groom in a hurry?”” the host made a timely joke and said,””next, it’s the cross-cupped wine segment. serve the wine!”” ”

the emcee’s humorous speech caused the audience to burst into laughter.

miao ying’s face was also slightly red. she was embarrassed.

“after the cross-cupped wine, the wedding ceremony was over, and the wedding banquet was next. ”

“at the wedding, zhao yu saw many old friends he had not seen in a long time. li beini, lan bo, zhang jingfeng, liang huan, zhang yaohui, hu bin, peng xin, forensic doctor wang fei, bureau chief zhou andong and bureau chief luan xiaoxiao, as well as elder jin, liao jingxian and bureau chief hong from the city bureau, and his old friend su yang from the provincial bureau … ”

“Seeing so many of his old colleagues, Zhao Yu was naturally very happy. He said that in the next few days, he would definitely drink a few more glasses with his old colleagues and reminisce about the past. ”

“Of course, other than his old colleagues, there were also his old friends, such as his goddaughter Jiang Xiaoqing’s family. They had also come to help very early. ”

“Jiang Dafeng even generously bought all the fruits for Zhao Yu’s wedding, which made Zhao Yu extremely touched. ”

“In addition, Jiang Xiaoqing also brought her dog, Daheng. Daheng was very excited to see its long-lost owner, and led Zhao Yu to the bathroom several times. ”

“To Zhao Yu’s surprise, Yao Jia and Hao gang’s son, Hao Jiajun, also attended the wedding. ”

“Moreover, they had come to congratulate him as a couple. ”

“It turned out that after the marriage crisis, miss Yao Jia still made her choice to be with Hao Jiajun, who had been pursuing her for a long time. ”

“Now, when Zhao Yu faced Yao Jia again, he was no longer as unnatural as before. He also sincerely hoped that Yao Jia could find her own happiness. ”

“Apart from Yao Jia, Zhao Yu also saw his disciple, su Jinmei, who had gone through life and death with him in the landing in New Zealand. Su Jinmei had come to attend the wedding with her father, Su Lin, who had come to congratulate Zhao Yu on behalf of Qinshan’s political circle. ”

“After some small talk, Zhao Yu learned that his little disciple had become a good leader. She was now the Deputy Captain of the criminal Police, and could take charge of things on her own! ”

“After meeting his good friends in Qinshan, Zhao Yu met with the leaders and colleagues from the criminal Division, including Division Chief Jiao Guofeng and the kun Peng couple, Section Chief MA runkui from the Foreign Affairs Office, Liaison Officer Chen Zhuo, as well as the great forensic doctor Gao Facai and Guo fengzhan. ”

“Division Chief Jiao was full of praise for Zhao Yu and Miao Ying, while kun Peng kept mentioning Zhao Yu’s life-saving grace. ”

The most interesting thing was that kun Peng had even sent Zhao Yu a big gift on behalf of someone.

“The person who gave the gift was called Xie ah, and he was the current leader of valkries. ”

“Mr. Xie a had sent a congratulatory message to Zhao Yu on behalf of vakreya, wishing Zhao Yu a happy wedding! He had also invited Zhao Yu and his wife to visit vaklia, so that they could enjoy the best treatment as state guests. ”New n0vel chapters are published on n0ve(l)bi(n.)co/m

“Having received Mr. Xie A’s blessing, Zhao Yu was naturally very proud. ”

“However, in addition to Mr. Xie, kun Peng also brought Zhao Yu another congratulatory video. This video was sent by Zhao Yu’s comrades who had fought side by side with him in valkries! ”

“The commander Lu Kaixuan, the captain PU Jiayou, the female member Gao Shang, the sniper Guan Ying, and the member Wu diqiu … ”

“As the team members were still out of town on a mission, they couldn’t attend Zhao Yu’s wedding, so they could only send this congratulatory video. ”

“As the saying goes, friends of life and death can not be forgotten. Zhao Yu had wanted to meet up with these old comrades of his for a long time, but everyone had their own tasks to do. ”

“At that moment, Zhao Yu felt very happy when he saw their well wishes. ”

“After that, it was the leaders and colleagues of the Secret Service, as well as their international friends. ”

Zhao Yu had made careful arrangements and toasted everyone.

“After all, secret services was not an ordinary unit, so they did not meet too many people and only ate at a table in a separate private room. ”

“According to Miao kun, green had completely given in. He had provided a lot of internal information about the criminal group, and secret services had disclosed the information to the relevant countries. ”

“The relevant countries were carrying out targeted clean-up, which also accelerated the collapse of the criminal empire. ”

“Therefore, this mysterious and powerful enemy had completely collapsed and was no longer a threat. ”

“After the wedding, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were not in a hurry to see the guests off, but returned to their rented house on Shunfeng Street. ”

“As the rent had not stopped, Jiang Dafeng had been saving it for Zhao Yu. ”

“Returning to this place, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying couldn’t help but be filled with emotions as they recalled their detective experience. ”

“The bizarre cases, the sad murders, as well as the happy and sad reunions of the past, once again appeared in Zhao Yu’s mind. ”

“””Aiya …”” Zhao Yu sighed as he pulled his wife, Miao Ying, to the balcony. He looked at the bustling Shunfeng Street in the distance and muttered,””every time I stand here, I can remember the scene of old Jin handing me the yellow leather notebook!”” ”

“””I have to say, it was that notebook that changed me completely and made me embark on the path of a godly detective!”” ”

“””Yup!”” Miao Ying held Zhao Yu’s hand and looked at the sunset in the distance.””No one would have thought that Zhao Yu, a small police officer of the rongyang branch, would become a famous detective today!”” ”

“””No, no,”” Zhao Yu corrected her.””Being famous is not enough to describe my identity and status today. I’m now an International Detective whose name resounded throughout the universe, Wahaha …”” ”

“””Moral conduct!”” Miao Ying rebuked,””my master detective, we still have a long way to go!”” ”

“””Of course,”” Zhao Yu said solemnly,””behind every crime, there is a liter of tears! ”

“””If the crime case isn’t over, our mission won’t be over!”” ”

“””En!”” Miao Ying leaned on Zhao Yu’s shoulder and said,””it won’t end …”” ”

“At that moment, Zhao Yu’s mobile phone suddenly rang. The caller ID showed that it was his father-in-law, Miao kun. ”

“””It can’t be?”” Miao Ying pouted.””What’s my dad doing? Don’t tell me there’s a new mission?”” ”

“””It’s possible!”” Zhao Yu wanted to answer the call. ”

“””No!”” Miao Ying’s eyes widened as she reminded him,””remember, no matter what the mission is, you have to take me with you!”” ”

“””En!”” Zhao Yu nodded, then answered the call on speaker. ”

“””Hey…Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu, where are you?”” Miao kun’s anxious voice came from the phone. ”

“””What’s wrong? We’re at Shunfeng Street …”” ”

“””Aiya, quickly come back! Come to the hotel!”” Miao kun said hurriedly,””sangroff is here! I want to ask you out for a fight …”” ”

I’ll …

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying both fell to the ground.


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