Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 2804-END - 2804 The end of 6122

Chapter 2804-END - 2804 The end of 6122

“Really? Then why didn’t you bring her back? Does she not believe that we’re her parents? Hurry up and bring me to meet her! I’ll tell her personally that I’m her mother.”Su Qianxun grabbed his hand and walked out, she could not wait to see her daughter right away.

“Xun ‘er, don’t be anxious. Things aren’t what you think they are. The baby probably won’t speak human language right now. Besides, she’s safe with the animals now. I know that you’re anxious, but you can’t just be anxious to find her. We have to think of a way. Since we’ve found her, let’s take it slow. We can definitely bring her home this time,”long sijue comforted her.

“Tell me, how cruel is that Evil Woman? How could she have the heart to leave such a small child in such a place? If something really happens to the baby, I won’t let her off even if I become a ghost.”When Su Qianxun thought about how the baby might have suffered all these years.., her heart felt like it was being cut by a knife.

“Don’t think about it anymore. The baby is doing very well now, and the animals are treating her very well. My guess is that she was adopted by a pair of lions.”

When Su Qianxun heard this, she became even more curious. She pressed long sijue on what exactly was going on, and long Sijue told her everything in detail.

When Su Qianxun heard this, she was both happy and worried. She was very happy that her daughter was doing very well now, but she was also worried that she would not be in any danger if she lived with the animals?

However, when she thought about it again, she realized that it was indeed the case. No matter how anxious she was now, it was indeed useless. Moreover, she was probably worrying too much. Since the baby was able to survive in such a dangerous forest until now, she would definitely not let herself be in any danger.

When she thought of this, she felt happy.

Long sijue and Su Qianxun chatted for a while more about the baby. Su Qianxun said that she wanted to go to the forest to look for the baby herself. She felt that women would make those animals more relaxed, and the baby would probably like her more.

How could long sijue let her take such a risk? He would never agree to it no matter what. He absolutely could not let her be in the slightest bit of danger.

Su Qianxun knew that she was in danger as well, but now, everything stopped her from missing her baby.

She begged long sijue non-stop. She even pumped the milk she gave her younger daughter. She had saved it for a few days. Right now, she wanted nothing more than to find her daughter in person.

As long sijue listened to her incessant pleas, he began to hesitate. On one hand, he was afraid that she would be in danger. On the other hand, he felt that all the animals here were sentient because of their baby. They would not harm humans.

Even the wolf pack from yesterday only scared them a little, scattered them, and chased them out.

“Ah Jue, you have to let me go. I have to go find my daughter.”

“I’ll go with you!”Long Sijue also knew that both of them would not be able to feel at ease if they did not find their daughter.

When Su Qianxun saw that he had agreed, she was so happy that she almost jumped up. She hugged him and gave him a kiss. Then, she prepared to tell Xiao Niannian and Su Li about it first.

When Su Li heard that she had really found her younger sister, he also felt that it was very magical. He looked forward to meeting his younger sister again.

He said that he would take good care of his younger sister at home so that they could find their eldest sister in peace.

When Su Qianxun saw that he was so obedient, she patted his head in relief. After the couple packed their things, they set off for the forest.

When Xu Xi saw that Su Qianxun had already arrived, he quickly walked over to greet the two of them.

Long Sijue did not tell anyone about seeing his daughter before this. Now that he had told Xu Xi and his subordinates about what had happened, all of his subordinates felt very happy. When everyone saw hope, they became even more motivated.

Everyone hoped that they could get the young mistress back as soon as possible.

Long sijue and Su Qianxun decided to enter the mountain alone. Xu Xi was worried and insisted on following them. Long Sijue stopped him. He felt that the fewer people there were in this forest, the better.

Animals were very vigilant. Once there were too many people, things would turn bad.

Xu Xi also knew that this was the case, but if he did not care, he would still feel at a loss.

Since long sijue and Su Qianxun had already made up their minds, they would not change their minds. The two of them only took some water and food and entered the forest.UpTodat𝒆d fr𝒐m nô/v/el/b(i)n.c(o)/m

The path in the primitive forest was not easy to walk on. After walking for a while, Su Qianxun’s dress was torn and some parts of her skin were bleeding. Long Sijue felt sorry for her, but Su Qianxun refused to give up. She refused to go back no matter what.

Long sijue had to carry her on his back.

“I can walk on my own. You Don’t have to care about me.”Su Qianxun did not want to look too weak.

“With your weight, it’s no different for me to carry nothing on my back. When I was training in the past, I carried a sandbag that weighed two hundred kilograms. Come on up.”Long Sijue insisted on carrying her.

Su Qianxun saw that he refused to let her walk no matter what. She did not want to waste any more time, so she laid on his back.

The two of them walked for some time but did not find any traces of animals. Su Qianxun was puzzled. She asked softly, “Why don’t the animals come out these days? Where did they all go?”

Her heart was filled with both fear and desire. She was afraid of these ferocious beasts, but she also longed to meet these animals who had spent years with her baby.

She wanted to know how her baby had been living these past few years.

She wanted to see how her baby’s companions looked like.

“Maybe the baby knew that we were coming, so it let them hide first. It was afraid that they would scare us,”long sijue explained to her with a smile.

Su Qianxun was especially happy when she heard this. She happily accepted this explanation.

Just as long sijue finished explaining, there were suddenly sounds coming from all directions. The two of them stood there without moving. Soon, the rustling sounds around them became louder and louder. They were surrounded by animals, and they were surrounded in the middle.

When Su Qianxun saw these animals, she was completely confused. There were lions, wolves, monkeys, snakes, tigers, and all sorts of strange animals in all directions, it was as if she had accidentally stumbled into the scene of the forest convention.

Even so, she still anxiously searched for that small figure, hoping to see that small figure. However, there was no sign of her daughter among the animal groups.

Just as Su Qianxun was feeling extremely anxious, a male lion dashed out like the wind. There was a tiny figure on its back, and that tiny figure became clearer and clearer, in the end, it completely appeared in the sight of the husband and wife.

When Su Qianxun saw that tiny figure, the rims of her eyes slowly turned red. ‘there’s no mistake about it being a daughter. This is their daughter!’!

“Baby, there’s no mistake about it being a baby!”

Su Qianxun looked at that tiny, pitch-black figure. There was only a pair of large, sparkling eyes. In her eyes, she was unbelievably beautiful.

“Baby, I’m your mother! I’m your mother! Come Here!”Su Qianxun anxiously extended her hand to her baby.

The little girl tilted her head and looked at the two legs in the distance that were different from the ones she had seen before. Suddenly, she felt a very different feeling in the position of her chest. She climbed down from the lion’s body and slowly walked towards Su Qianxun..

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