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Chapter 1406 You’re The One Who Destroyed Your Family

Chapter 1406  You’re The One Who Destroyed Your Family

Long Hui sat at the table opposite Jiang Ying Yue and Lin Yehan. His expression was fierce as he watched the two of them order drinks from the waiter. He didn't even notice that his son was looking at him with scared eyes.

"What's wrong, Little Jun?" Jiang Ying Yue asked.

The child hugged her neck and hid his face against her chest. It was as if he was hiding from his own father.

It was only then that Long Hui remembered his son's presence. He fixed his expression and tone.

"Little Jun, it's Dad. Did you miss me? Because I missed Little Jun. Come here and give your dad a hug."

The child peeked at him but didn't move right away. His wariness was apparent.

"Don't you remember Dad anymore?" Long Hui asked. He smiled on the outside and tried to appear as gentle as possible, but deep inside, he was seething.

What did this mean? Wasn't this because his own son had been brainwashed to act like this to him, the father?"

Little Jun stared at him. "Dada?"

"Yes, Little Jun. I'm your dada." Long Hui was relieved that his son at least remembered him. He stretched out his hands. "Come here, son. Give your dada a big hug."

"Dada!" The child jumped out of his mother's arms and ran to his father.

Long Hui caught the child and placed his son on his lap. Love and warmth filled him as he embraced Little Jun. He felt his eyes moisten a little when the child's little arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

Then he started to feel suffocated because Little Jun was hugging his neck a little too, er, tightly.

"Little J-jun, let go of my neck a bit…and let Dad k-kiss you…."

Long Hui released a big sigh of relief and took several deep inhales of air after his son released him. He studied Little Jun. The child looked healthy.

Little Jun resembled him more than Jiang Ying Yue. The blood of the Longs was strong in the child. As a matter of fact, Little Jun also resembled Iris because of this.

Now, however, Long Hui realized that Little Jun might have inherited his mother's extraordinary strength. The child was still this small, yet he could almost choke his own father with just a simple hug.

Long Hui already imagined what his son would look like when he grew up. Little Jun would be as handsome as his father and have a fit, muscled body like his mother. In other words, the child would grow up into a perfect adult.

He felt great pride.

This was his son.

If he had another child with Mao Qiuyue someday, he doubted it would be as superb as Little Jun. Mao Qiuyue's DNA wasn't as useful as Jiang Ying Yue's. If not for his mother and in-laws' pressure, he wouldn't even want to have a child with such a shallow woman as his wife.

Only someone as extraordinary as Jiang Ying Yue could match his own superb DNA with her beautiful and strong muscled body. Together, they produced an outstanding child—Little Jun. If given another chance, the two of them would surely produce another excellent child.

However, his hopes were dashed because of the man sitting beside Jiang Ying Yue. Lin Yehan was an eyesore.

Long Hui tried ignoring the man's presence at first while focusing on giving his son the presents he had prepared. Little Jun's delighted exclamations temporarily calmed down his agitation caused by Lin Yehan's presence.

By this time, he also began to notice the presence of several civilian-dressed bodyguards in the café. There were both males and females alike. He counted seven so far but suspected there were more where he couldn't see.

Once again, he felt suffocated but from anger this time. When Jiang Ying Yue insisted that she would only allow their son to spend a day with him if bodyguards were accompanying them. He agreed, thinking that there would only be a couple bodyguards, maybe three at most.

But more than seven? This was too excessive!

He didn't doubt that this was the work of Iris and Jin Liwei. Clearly, the two of them were treating him as a danger to his own son.


He was filled with many complaints, but he held all of them in. His son looked so happy. He didn't want to ruin it by scaring Little Jun. [Read official chapters on W e b n o v e l (dot) com. Please stop supporting piracy. Also follow the author on Instagram: @arriacross]

"Where do you plan on taking Little Jun today?" Jiang Ying Yue asked, interrupting his thoughts.

"I plan to take him to the zoo today and eat at a restaurant for dinner."

Jiang Ying Yue nodded. "I want him home by 9 PM at the latest. You don't need to personally send him. My colleagues will take him home."

Long Hui frowned. "9 PM? That's too early. I want to spend more time with my son, even if it's just a few more hours."

"You know that our son is only three, right? He starts to feel sleepy at around 8 PM. He's also a very active child, so he has a regular daily routine. If you plan to take him to the zoo, he'll tire more easily. I doubt that he'll be able to keep awake past 9 PM."

"Even if he's asleep, it's fine," Long Hui said. "I just want to spend more time with my son."

She didn't reply right away. Then she sighed. "Fine. 10 PM. That's final."

He still wanted to negotiate and ask for an extension until midnight but decided not to push it too far this time. What if he upset Jiang Ying Yue and she refused to let him see their son after this?

"10 PM, then." For now, he would agree.

There would come a time when he would be able to spend a whole weekend with his son. But, of course, he wouldn't bring Little Jun to the marital home he shared with Mao Qiuyue. There was no way that he would leave his son to be maltreated by his wife. So instead, he would bring Little Jun to another place, maybe his secret apartment, and enjoy a quality father and son time together, away from Mao Qiuyue's narrow-minded jealousy.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" Jiang Ying Yue asked, changing the topic.

Lin Yehan gestured to the bodyguards. The bodyguards took Little Jun and the presents a few tables away. The child would still be able to see his parents and Uncle Yehan but wouldn't be able to hear what the adults were talking about. Not that he cared with all the presents he was too buy opening up.

"Now, you two can speak freely," Lin Yehan announced.

Long Hui glared at him. "Why are you still here? Go away. I want to talk to Ying Yue. Alone."

Lin Yehan had a smile-that-was-not-a-smile on his face. He just looked at Long Hui with this expression but didn't move.

"I want…Yehan to stay," Jiang Ying Yue said.

Long Hui stared at her in disbelief. The way they addressed each other was too intimate.

"Are you two in a relationship?" he asked.

Ling Yehan looked at her. He didn't answer the question himself and waited for her to answer it instead.

Her face reddened.

This reaction was enough answer to Long Hui. His expression darkened.

But Jiang Ying Yue still looked at Long Hui straight in the eye and told him, "Yes, Yehan and I are together now."


Lin Yehan raised a hand and stopped him before he could curse. "I suggest you don't say anything, or we will take Little Jun away without letting you spend the day with him. We can't risk you taking your anger at us to the child."

"You think that I'll hurt my own child?!" Long Hui was furious at the man's insinuation.

"Don't tell me that you've forgotten what you did the last time we were at my son's condo unit?" Jiang Ying Yue countered.

Memories of that fateful day flashed in Long Hui's mind. But he still defended himself. "I was fighting with you that time. I never raised a hand against our son!"

Jiang Ying Yue banged her hands on the table and stood up. "But you were pulling him hard away from me! That hurt our son, don't you know? And all your shouting scared him! It took him a while to overcome that trauma! Even the court ruled the incident as a form of child abuse. That's why they gave me full custody of our son!"

Long Hui still wanted to continue defending himself but stopped after seeing the waiter looking at them with concern.

Once again, it was Lin Yehan who apologized on their behalf and reassured the waiter that everything was fine. Then he started coaxing Jiang Ying Yue to calm down.

"This is all your fault," Long Hui told him. "You're the reason Ying Yue and I fought that day. If you hadn't been chasing after my woman since that day, I would be still together with her! You're the reason why my family is in shambles like this!" 𝒩ew 𝒏ovels upd𝒂tes on nov𝒆lbi𝒏(.)com

"No, you're wrong." Lin Yehan's look and tone were calm. "You were the one who didn't protect Ying Yue and your son well enough from all the people who wanted to break you apart like the person who sent you the photos. You're also the one who didn't trust Ying Yue's faithfulness to you enough. She's innocent. I'm innocent.

"You're the one who believed in the malicious lies of outsiders and allowed your feelings for your family to waver. You're also the one who chose to run to another woman and cheat with her while shifting the blame on Ying Yue and me.

"So, no, Long Hui. I'm not the one who destroyed your family. You did."


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