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Volume 11 33: Underground Space

Volume 11 Chapter 33: Underground Space

Translator: Zhaernon

Behind the door there was a dark room with nothing more than a place for a candle above the wall. There was only an exit on the other side of the room, and upon closer inspection, it appeared to be a staircase going down.

"It's so dark..." Princess Annie said immediately. FiNd 𝒖pd𝒂tes on n(𝒐)/v𝒆lπ’ƒπ’Šn(.)c𝒐m

I was stunned for a moment, but I also immediately got over it.

I think the room is rather dark, but because I'm half a demon and my eyes carry the ability of minor night vision. For the others, however, it was completely dark.

I summoned a ball of light and the room immediately lit up. But I noticed Oona next to me take a step backwards. Although it's just a ball of light, it's harmless but uncomfortable light for a dark wizard.

Well, I could also use necromancy to summon a phosphorescent fire to illuminate it, but then I'd be in trouble.

"Oh, I didn't realize you were so skilled with light magic." Sally whispered to me.

"Didn't you see how George's eyes lit up with envy?"

I turned to look at George just in time to see him look away.

"You little devil..."

"What is it, I'm just a nun with devout faith."

Devoutly religious? What kind of religious belief is that? I don't believe in any faith that allows one to have angel wings, demon wings, and fallen angel wings at the same time.

"And talking about your lovely sister, look, she's killing me with her eyes."

I followed her gaze, and sure enough, Oyado was looking over here with an unhappy look on her face.

"Thanks for the heads up."

"You're welcome, we're in the same boat."

After saying that, she slowly walked off to the side.

As soon as I started towards Oyado, Nat said, "Now that there's light too, let's hurry down. The polished grain of this labyrinth clearly starts at the bottom and then extends outward. It has already told us exactly where we should go."

We all nodded and followed him down.

And I walked up to Oyado's side.

"What is it, Oyado?"

"You're ignoring me, brother." Oyado said, disgruntled.

"Obviously this kind of adventure is supposed to be me and my brother together, but now there are so many more people, it's not fun at all. It was fine with sister Alia, but now there's so many more people..." She said, looking over at Sally.

"That guy is too dangerous. Be careful brother, you're smiling and laughing all day, you won't even know which day is your last."

"Yes yes yes." I said stroking her head.

"Come on, we're still going to see the dragon, aren't we?"


------ LOADING ------.

The stairs leading underground were long and took several turns. It made it feel like this wasn't a cemetery, but an inside world or something.

But the walls here didn't have any rusty pipes or anything, nor were there any strange wheelchairs or anything like that....

Anyway, a long time ago we once saw a hospital-like facility in an underground labyrinth with some writing from our original world. But we haven't seen it since and I don't know what exactly we encountered at that time.

And just as I was thinking about this, we had reached the end of the stairs.

"What... is this...?"

As soon as we walked out, Turner exclaimed.

We all came out of the stairs one after another, only to find that we were deep inside a humongous underground space.

Turning around, I looked at the stairway we had just come down from which was actually located inside a stone pillar. I don't know what kind of design went into building this place.

"No, no, no!" Nat said as he touched the floor.

"What now? β€œ

"It's true that the pattern on top is something from a graveyard, but... it's not at all so underneath! It's not even the way a graveyard is made, ah. This floor, with its completely smooth surface, if you want to say it... it should be..."

"Space magic, right?" Teacher Mary touched the wall and said.

"This space was hollowed out using spatial magic... I've seen this kind of construction method before... Well, all in all, there was already a cemetery inside this mountain, but someone hollowed it out to use this place down here, and then used the entrance of the cemetery as an entrance. The entrance and exit to the cemetery. That's probably what it's all about, right?"

"That's really..."

I laughed bitterly and unleashed several balls of light in succession.

4 orbs of light flew around, illuminating the area around us. Although the surroundings lit up all of a sudden, there was no way for us to know where we were.

"What the..."

Everyone's face was filled with incredulity, which is understandable, after all, even I can only smile bitterly now.

Looking down, you can't even see the edge, it feels like we're going straight down the tunnel into the abyss.

But I know this is definitely not the abyss. The abyss - that place completely stinks of sulphur and blood, and it was already much better after getting rid of the demon lord.

And now this place... doesn't smell like that at all, instead it has a smell of... decay. Yes, the kind of smell that hints at decay.

Hey, hey, hey, this place shouldn't be dumpling jumping, right? The script wasn't right.

"So what? Don't we know what to do when we get here?"

"That's pretty much it, isn't it?"


Alexia asked.

"So many of us, do we split up?"

"No!" Teacher Mary and I said at the same time.

"To separate is to die, that's the eternal truth."

"Exactly right!"

"Uh..." Alexia, seeing us so sure, only smirked and shut up.

"But that's not a good idea, so what do we do?"

"It's not safe to go either way."

I pointed to the floor.

"What about digging down?"

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