The 99th Divorce

Chapter 2207: Fresh Red Handprint

Chapter 2207: Fresh Red Handprint

It pained him to hear those words.

Yang Zihao was still very young. Those words almost made him fume.

The weak and small figure suddenly rushed out from behind the table. Yang Zihao’s posture was one that wanted to beat Quan Jingyi.

The taller Quan Jingyi blocked Yang Zihao’s fist without an effort and looked at him with a meaningful smile.

Quan Jingyi didn’t do anything. He didn’t even have to speak. His gaze alone was enough to make Yang Zihao feel that he was being humiliated.

Yang Zihao screamed. But, because he looked a little frail, his scream didn’t have much of an effect. Instead, it gave the impression of a child fighting with an adult.

The students in the class appeared to enjoy watching them battle it out. They seemed impressed by how Quan Jingyi, who didn’t move at all, managed to stop Yang Zihao. His face reflected his helplessness and the mocking he received. The scene was like a cat teasing a mouse.

From where she stood, Li Jianyue could see well the goings-on. She could tell there was a vast difference in terms of their strength.

It also wasn’t just about their height. The two fundamentally had different auras.

That’s right. How could a good student win against a delinquent?

“What are you doing!” the headteacher, a middle-aged man, shouted loud and clear.

It was enough to send all the students back to their seats.

All but the two young men were quick to disperse. Quan Jingyi did not end his confrontation with Yang Zihao.

Yang Zihao didn’t seem to be in good shape. His eyes were red, and his face betrayed his humiliation and unwillingness to let go.

The headteacher reached a quick conclusion when he saw what was going on. “Quan Jingyi, why are you bullying your classmate?”

Quan Jingyi thought it was a joke. He turned and shouted back, “Head, did you see me bullying my classmate? This fellow is the one that’s bullying me, okay?”

The headteacher’s expression was dark. “He can bully you? Both of you follow with me to my office!”

The entire classroom was in an uproar, with sighing all around.

“That Little Four-eyed started everything. Quan Jingyi didn’t do anything. The headteacher is too unfair.”

“But that’s normal. Quan Jingyi’s reputation isn’t good. If I’m the headteacher, I would first suspect Quan Jingyi, too.”

“Haha, but Quan Jingyi didn’t get bullied either. If I had my way, I would say that Little Four-eyed overestimated his ability. Did he want to fight with Quan Jingyi? In middle-high, Quan Jingyi was the champion of the youth Sanda segment.”

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When she heard this, Li Jianyue turned around and looked at the empty seat next to her.

Quan Jingyi was so powerful?

But, as powerful as he may be, there’s still no denying that he had a bad temper. His character was equally bad, too.

Initially, all the students thought that Quan Jingyi and Yang Zihao would return during the second period. Yet, even after the period had ended, the two of them still hadn’t come back.

A group of male students ran to the outside of the headteacher’s office to eavesdrop. When they came back, they gave a lively account of how the Little Four-eyed was weeping buckets. They said he remained silent when the teacher asked him how he was. The students also heard the young men call their parents.

Quan Jingyi’s father was the city mayor. Though he was busy at work, he still took some time off his busy schedule to go to the school.

Li Jianyue couldn’t understand some math problems. So at the end of the second period, she picked up her textbook and rough paper and searched for her teacher.

Hugging her book and rough paper, she walked past the corridor of the teachers’ offices. The headteacher’s office door was open.

Quan Jingyi walked out, his slightly curly hair in a mess, and his school uniform jacket unzipped. His tie dangled around his neck loosely. When he raised his head, Li Jianyue could see he was feeling low, suppressing his emotions. She also noticed the fresh red handprint on his face.

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