The Chaos Dragon Prince

Chapter 744 Taking The Center Stage

"Hmph!" Kali coldly snorted. She recalled her powers. But that couldn't take away her supremely majestic momentum. 

She spoke with a domineering tone befitting of a true, young immortal queen. "Like I said, trash that can't even withstand three moves!" 

"Ah! That's our Young Divine Princess!" 

The audience went absolutely wild in their cheers. Great changes were stirring. 

There wasn't a single person not convinced of Kali's overwhelming strength and talent.

At this point, a clear separation became wider in the God Galaxy's minds. Divine Mortals weren't just fable legends. Or geniuses above geniuses. 

But the true future beacons that are meant to lead all generations down the brilliant road of the Great Dao! 

"Tch!" Compared to the shining God Galaxy side, the Heavenly God sect side couldn't be gloomier. 

The leading Heavenly Venerate waved his hand to secure King Liang in a stream of immortal lights. 

King Liang instantly appeared next to him as his injuries rapidly healed. 

Although, his eyes were completely blank. Lacking that unfathomable prestige and confidence he first had when invading the God Galaxy. 

The leading Heavenly Venerate couldn't bother with King Liang anymore. He briefly narrowed his eyes on Cain before settling on King Jue. 

But before he could speak, King Jue's eyes glinted a determined divine light. Her presence rapidly turned unyielding, exuding a breath that wouldn't turn down any challenge. 

'Senior master, please! I need to fight with him! I don't care about any rules or planes. My very Divine Will depends on this. Without fighting, this will be an unbreakable Heart Demon in my soul!' 

The leading Heavenly Venerate blinked once. An unfathomable master like him knows all about Heart Demons and the terrifying effects of being shackled by one. 

Truthfully, the leading Heavenly Venerate wanted to leave at this instant. He can clearly tell when he's in a losing battle. 

But at the same time, the leading Heavenly Venerate also knows that King Jue is a talent certainly worth fostering. 

Perhaps a tremendous challenge would be good for her. 

In the end, the leading Heavenly Venerate deeply sighed. He said, 'Fine. But know your limits and when to quit. For some reason, that boy seems more unfathomable than that girl.'CH𝒆Ck for 𝒏ew st𝒐ries on no/v/el/bin(.)c0m

King Jue took a deep breath, quelling all of her nerves. Regaining her composure, she flashed straight down to the martial stage. 

All eyes on her were ignored. Any disdaining look could not enter her mind. Not even Kali's arrogant sneer. She put her full focus on fighting with Cain. 

"So composed, huh? Alright, brother! Absolutely destroy! her!" Kali wildly laughed. She soon vanished with her laughter echoing throughout the martial arena. 

At the same time, a faint ripple shattered space. Cain had silently appeared right before King Jue. 

His small actions were seemingly filled with profound mystery. Already garnering the audience awe and anticipation. 

"He's finally up next! This guy is about to woe everyone even more!" 

Inside a very special booth, isolated from others, Yulong was more excited at this match than anyone else. 

With her was Amber, Jin Ya, Zexi, Lan Rui, Azure Thunder, Deep Sword Venerate, and Cloudsea Venerate. 

Admittedly for them all, even Deep Sword Venerate who had the least interaction with Cain, was all greatly anticipating his match. 

His means of fighting are just far too strange and mystical. 

Amber knows this the best as she quietly murmured, "It's always like this. Out of the two, he dominates without giving anyone a chance to breathe..."

"This guy..." Inside the Crimson Thunder booth, Lord Hao was silently gripping her fists. 

A multitude of emotions was surging through her eyes. She was beginning to gain a wild, yet determined, idea. 

The Young Kings were all similarly intent. With the Young Dragon Emperor and Prime Crimson Star in particular clenching down on their palms. 

Even up above everyone, the Divine Faith Empress and Ancient Dragon One had a glint in their eyes while anticipating Cain's match. 

With the full limelight on him, under billions upon billions of experts, Cain was truly at the front stage of the God Galaxy. 

He casually smiled, his next words simple yet completely domineering. "I suppose I should add onto my sister showey fight and crush you in three moves. So let's get this over with." 

In that moment, the whole atmosphere transformed. 

Waves of unfathomable True Dragon roars reverberated in a mystical fashion. 

Nothing was so loud that it wanted to tear apart the heavens. And yet, Cain's True Dragon roars still clearly slithered in everyone's minds. As if his chants of divine laws were omnipresence, covering every inch of existence. 

'Dragon Eyes.' 

A blinding, divine light spewed from Cain's eyes at light speed. Everything was drowned out by this divine light for a split second. 

Under this engulfing divine light, minds became dazed, souls tremble and many wanted to directly bow down. 

The most melodic divine chants were completely affecting the minds of ordinary early stage grandmasters and weaker cultivators! 

It must not be forgotten that Cain's power was directly affecting their souls even after getting weakened by the protective barriers. 

One move and it was already on another level from nearly all those who fought before. 

The Dragon Eye's divine light soared beyond King Jue's reaction speed. She violently jerked as the divine light flew into her forehead. 

This wasn't an attacking force. But actually the Chaos Illusion Light! 

Amplified by his bloodline and god lightning essence, King Jue's powerful soul was heavily pulled into an unbreakable chance. 

Her Spiritual Sea was completely engulfed by mystical green figures impossible to look away from. 

Cain took a causal step forward, instantly teleporting through space and appearing right before King Jue. 

His Frost Slicer glimmered. Dao runes light dazzled to the high heavens, layers of frost covering inches of space. 

Within the frost was also the rumbling reverberation of terrifying divine lightning laws. 

The Frost Slicer twisted apart space. Exuding divine explosion as it tore down with an all-powerful momentum toward King Jue's chest. 

Just like Kali, Cain was merely using the power of his bloodline and god lightning tribulation essence. And already, the stars would completely collapse beneath his heaven-destruction sword slash! 

At the very last second, King Jue's body intensely shook. Her soul overexerted, exploding with tremendous waves of divine law power! 

Supreme mystical chants reached all through the heaven and earth! 

Relying on overexerting her soul, King Jue tore off the Chaos Illusion, surging her divine law power to her extreme limits. 

Golden flames erupted into the divine world. All of their divine law principles far superior to early stage grandmasters, genius middle stage grandmasters and faintly matching peak middle stage Primal Sovereigns! 

This was the absolute power of a Celestial Fey divine bloodline. 

Golden fiery Dao runes engulfed every inch of her body. Her reaction speed shot up to the speed of light! 

With a golden flaming saint sword surging within her palms, King Jue surged her most powerful defensive martial skill. 

Dao runes hum deep, divine law chants, spewing out all-powerful waves of golden flame principles. 

These golden flame principles converged, condensing into unbreakable divine flame walls. 

One would be facing against golden flames that can burn the sun themselves. A terrifying defense most middle stage grandmasters would be confused to break through. 

But the Frost Slicer never once stopped. 

Chaos principles silently surged around the Frost Slicer's sword light. All golden flaming principles before it froze, being either turned into ash or frozen into tiny ice chunks!


The Frost Slicer tore through all divine laws! 

Mystical divine law chants were also shattered apart. The holy golden flame walls were instantly vaporized into nothing more than tiny particles. 


King Jue's miserable groan bounced into the sky. Blood wildly sprayed out. 

The Frost Slicer shattered her holy defense, slashed through her imperial robes, and tore a large, horrifying gash across her chest! 

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