The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

Chapter 2587 Side Story 91: Follow Me

Chapter 2587 Side Story 91: Follow Me

When Rong Xiaoyan and Rong Xiaoxun were five years old, they finally had their younger sister, Rong Xiaoxi.

The entire Fantasy Divine Palace was overjoyed.

The Emperor was relieved. For the first time in five years, he received kind treatment from the High Priest and the rest.

There was no choice, as Rong Xiaoxun and Rong Xiaoyan caused too much trouble these few years. Even the Emperor kept getting criticized.

With the small cub, the Emperor could finally make a comeback.

Beside the cot, Rong Xiaoxun and Rong Xiaoyan stood beside each other and looked naively at the small girl who was lying in the cot. She was wrapped like a dumpling.

Rong Xiaoxun's eyes were filled with curiosity. "It's my younger sister! She's so pretty!"

Rong Xiaoyan glanced at the frowning Rong Xiaoxi as he nodded calmly and said in agreement, "She's pretty."

Sister was the prettiest.

Rong Xiaoxun could not help but ask, "Mother, were Brother and I like this when we were young?"

Before Chu Liuyue could speak, Rong Xiu lightly answered, "You weren't as cute."

Rong Xiaoxun: Woo, woo, woo.

Rong Xiaoyan was already used to it.

Upon deeper thought, if his younger sister was the cutest in the world, would it not be very normal to lose against her? Hence, he—who rarely obeyed his father—did not refute and nodded in intense agreement.

Rong Xiaoxun, who was originally waiting for his brother to help him, was confused. "Brother, you think so too? But I feel that the gifts that Ancestor and the rest gave were all great. At that time, what we had—"

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Rong Xiaoyan's face darkened as he forcefully clenched his teeth. "Are you saying that Sister isn't as cute as you?"

"Of course not!" Rong Xiaoxun immediately refuted.

He smacked his mouth, thought about it seriously, and finally accepted the truth. "Okay, I'll be behind Sister then. I'm second! Brother, don't fight with me!"

Rong Xiaoyan grunted. He seriously said, "Sister will definitely be intelligent, smart, obedient, and mature in the future."

What is a stupid brother? Sister is the best!

Rong Xiaoyan was only half-right.

Rong Xiaoxi's talent was indeed outstanding, but she had nothing to do with 'obedient' and 'mature.' Ever since she could walk and run, the entire Fantasy Divine Palace was in a tizzy.

This year, Rong Xiaoxi was three.

She leaned toward her brothers and had a face filled with curiosity. "Big Brother, Second Brother, I want to play at the Star Path!"

This wasn't her first time making such requests, hence the brothers were not surprised at all.

"What's there to play at the Star Path?" Rong Xiaoxun spread his hands in boredom. "They're all Xuan formations."

Even though they weren't difficult, Rong Xiaoxi was still too young. If she went over, she probably could not play.

"Let's go somewhere else."

Rong Xiaoxi refused.

Her happy smile instantly dropped. She looked down slightly, and her bright eyes seemed to have a hint of disappointment. "I see… but I saw that you guys always go there…"

Rong Xiaoxun's heart instantly ached. He scratched his head and looked at Rong Xiaoyan. "Brother, why don't we bring Xiaoxi over to take a look?"

Rong Xiaoyan didn't speak as he gazed at Rong Xiaoxi nonchalantly, as if he had seen through everything. "Promise that you won't cause trouble."

Rong Xiaoxi nodded forcefully. "I'll listen obediently!"

She stepped out and hugged Rong Xiaoyan's thigh, her adorable face lighting up. "I knew that Brother is the best to me!"

Rong Xiaoyan touched her head and reached out to hold her hand. "Let's go."

Rong Xiaoxun pulled her to the other side.

The sibling trio went to the Star Path.

Someone was solving Xuan formations on the Star Path.

When they passed by, they coincidentally heard 'shoo.'

A ball of light rushed to the sky and formed an iridescent and complicated Xuan formation in midair.

Rong Xiaoxi had seen such a scene many times.

Her eyes brightened up. "Me, me, me! I want it too!"

Rong Xiaoxun patiently advised, "Xiaoxi, that's a Great King Xuan Master-level Xuan formation. You can't play with that yet."

Rong Xiaoxi seemed to understand. But it looks so nice…

They came to the Heaven Gate.

Starting from here, the Star Path extended to the Fantasy Divine Hall. Hence, the Xuan formations here were the simplest.

Rong Xiaoxi waved her hands. "Second Brother, I still want to see."

This was naturally not hard for Rong Xiaoxun now.

He agreed readily.

He waved both his hands, and rays of light flew out.

Very quickly, a Xuan formation lit up.

Rong Xiaoxi watched happily. Then, she walked to the side and waved her small hands. "Like this?"

Rong Xiaoxun was about to say something when he saw the Xuan formation in front of Rong Xiaoxi light up!

She really set up the Xuan formation!

Rong Xiaoxun was shocked. Even Brother and I might not have set up a Xuan formation of this level at her age. Why is Rong Xiaoxi…

Rong Xiaoyan raised his brows slightly and was not very surprised. "How many do you know?"

Rong Xiaoxi was caught red-handed and instantly felt guilty as she chuckled.

Actually, she had been coming over secretly. After watching it for a long time, she naturally knew how to do it.

She clenched her small fist, placed it at her lips, and coughed. "N-not a lot…"

Rong Xiaoyan asked, "Then do you know the Xuan formation that person just set up?"

Rong Xiaoxi exclaimed. Then, she obediently said, "No."

Rong Xiaoyan pulled her forward and quickly came to the person.

When that person suddenly saw the three ancestors, he hurriedly bowed.

Rong Xiaoyan waved his hands and gestured for him to not be nervous and that he just had to continue.

That person was currently trying to solve a new Great King Xuan Master-level Xuan formation.

Rong Xiaoxi pouted. "Big Brother, I really don't know how…"

Rong Xiaoyan ignored her and pointed at that person. "You're wrong here."

That person was dazed and was instantly frightened. "Thank you—"

"Aiya! That's not right! Big Brother, you pointed out the wrong thing!" said Rong Xiaoxi instinctively as she glanced over.

Once she said this, the few of them fell silent.

The scene was very awkward.

Rong Xiaoxun rushed over. When he heard this, he suddenly realized something, and his expression turned strange. "Xiaoxi, you know this? Then… when you previously snuck out to play, you were the one who set up the Xuan formation? I was even beaten up by Ancestor over it!"

Rong Xiaoxi: "Ahem, discreet."

Rong Xiaoyan smiled slightly. "What else do you know?"

Rong Xiaoxi returned to the Fantasy Divine Hall slowly, sitting on her own swing dejectedly.

Sigh. Even though Big Brother and Second Brother expressed that they were willing to continue to take the rap for her, she didn't feel good being exposed. She could not casually go out to play anymore.

Suddenly, a force came from behind, and the swing moved lightly.

She turned around in shock and saw a green sparrow.

Its entire body had green fire, and its red ruby eyes were clean and clear. It tilted its head to look at her.

"Ninth-grade… green sparrow?" muttered Rong Xiaoxi in shock. There doesn't seem to be a fiend of such grade in the Fantasy Divine Palace?

"Where did you come from?" She jumped down from the swing, ran to the green sparrow, and softly inquired.

The green sparrow did not reply and just gazed at her quietly.

Rong Xiaoxi stretched out her hand. "Do you want to play together?"

It seemed to be considering something. After a while, it finally flew up and landed in her palms.

It lowered its head slightly, and its furry head rubbed against her soft palm.

It didn't know who it was, and it could not recall where it came from.

"Xiaoxi?" A clear and melodious female voice sounded.

Rong Xiaoxi stood up and turned around to yell excitedly, "Mother! I'm here!"

The green sparrow looked over.

That was a foreign and extremely charming woman.

It blinked.

A tear suddenly fell.

Seeing this, Rong Xiaoxi's heart instantly ached, and she lightly touched it. "Don't worry! My mother is very nice! Do you not have family? Then… follow me in the future?"

It nodded.

Okay, follow her.

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