The eSports King's Crush

Chapter 1755


Chapter 1755: We will definitely make her come back!

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She thought he wasn’t listening, but he did. Not only did he listen, but he also looked up. His mask-wearing face was as arrogant as before.

Feng nai tilted his head lazily, his left hand supporting his chin as he stared at team T’s player. “I haven’t been training well recently. I’ll have to ask for your guidance later.”

His tone was very light and sounded very polite.

However, when he said last time that he would like everyone to take care of him, they did not leave a single person behind.

T battleteam still had some trauma towards King. When they heard the same words, their expressions were not as good as the ones from the audience behind them.

A portion of the International students had already started to get excited when they heard Feng NAI’s previous sentence. At this moment, someone even shouted, ” “K-God! Don’t worry! We’re behind you! Cat god, you can rest assured about Bey God. We will definitely make her come back!”

Upon hearing that, Panda, who had been sitting there and used to the dark, suddenly straightened his body and turned his head around. Follow the latest novels 𝒐𝒏 n𝒐velbin(.)com

“If you’re a man, then you’ll do what you say!” Hua Xiaoyi, who had originally decided to take the steady route, was now jumping around like a monkey.

In the audience.

Other than a boy’s voice, there were also a girl’s voice.

“We’ll definitely do it!”

The young ending tone echoed throughout the entire arena.

Panda’s eyes were red as he stood there and bowed. “You must make my brother come back! Then I’ll leave it to you guys!”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and flicked his sleeve. boss, leave a member of team T to me. I’m going to show these traitors what it means to be wiped out in one minute!

“As you wish.” Feng nai looked at the screen above and propped his long legs up. “Get ready, it’s time to go.”

When Teng Hui heard this, he turned his head and saw that the circular platform was already filled with people from various teams. The platform was divided according to the ranking of previous years.

The stronger the team, the higher the stage. This meant that if you wanted to win, you had to defeat the strong. In this competition, only the strong would stay until the end.

Therefore, the team sitting at the top was, of course, the world champion team from last year, Country H.

As the last team to appear, they brought with them countless cheers.

The host laughed. I’ve already felt the magic of the world champion team. The enthusiasm of the audience also represents everything. I wonder what kind of shock the H country team will bring us this year. I’m looking forward to it!

all 73 teams are now ready. Internet security personnel, please enter.

It’s finally here!

Teng Hui stood up immediately and clenched his fists. His palms were covered in sweat.

Feng nai lifted his battle uniform jacket and only said two simple words, ” “Let’s go.”


A uniform sound was heard.

Even if their numbers were only half of the other teams.

They didn’t have the slightest bit of fear.

Behind the uniform was the burning Chinese word.

Someone in the audience covered his mouth, but he didn’t forget to shout, ” “You guys will definitely win!”

The group of youths did not turn their heads, but they responded.

Panda clenched his fist and raised it above his head, pressing it against the sky.

The teenager had the boldness of a teenager, but he also had the enthusiasm that belonged to his young age.

when uncle Hua brings you guys back a World Championship, I’ll let you guys brag about it for the rest of your lives!

Panda had not said such words for a long time, because he did not know how distorted the rumors would be.

But today was the opening day of the tournament.

They had found themselves.

He had to win, he had to win, not just this point game!

Zhao sanpang watched from backstage as his coach. The corners of his mouth curled up.”This kid even copied my lines.”

The assistant pushed up his glasses at the side and was still frantically calculating the score.

All the members of the battle team took their seats at the same time.

The big screen was pulled open, and the game’s sound effects filled the entire arena.

“Dear Summoners, welcome to hero Summoner”


With the low sound effects, hundreds of computers and gaming chairs lit up at the same time!

Everyone logged into the game together!

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