Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard

Chapter 25 - Halloween

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Just like that, a few months passed by. And it was already Halloween time. After checking, Edward realized that most of the plots proceeded the same ways without him.

Whether it was Harry Potter joining the Quidditch team after Neville had an accident in class, the midnight duel with Draco that led to Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville finally meeting Hagrid's Fluffy.

As today was Halloween, Edward knew that the troll incident would occur. At first, he did not plan to intervene, but he suddenly changed his mind.

Edward realized that with her intelligence and wit, Hermione was the perfect person to be part of his future team. So, he decided to make a great first impression on her.

So, during the Great Hall dinner, Edward took out his own version of the Marauder's Map and tracked all the people in the castle. He saw Hermione in the girl's bathroom, and he also saw when Quirrell released the troll.

Using the excuses that he had to go to the restroom, Edward left the Great Hall and headed for the girls' bathroom. And he only showed up when the troll finally discovered Hermione.

Edward watched as the troll raised his club and was about to hit her, he waved his wand and a Shield Charm appeared around her, also deflecting the troll's massive club.

"Professor Bones," said Hermione with a look of relief in her face as she watched Edward slowly approach her while simultaneously ignoring the troll.

"It is very dangerous to be out there alone, Ms. Granger," replied Edward calmly.

"I'm sorry," she replied while lowering her head.

"It's fine as long as you are okay."

Then, Edward looked at the troll that was trying to destroy his shield, with no success whatsoever.

"Interesting magical creatures," suddenly said Edward.

"Who? Trolls?" asked Hermione with a puzzled look on her face.

"Yes. Many people think that they are stupid magical beast with very low level of intelligence. However, most people fail to see the value in them. Do you know that a troll' skin is very magic resistant? Also, this part of its body is part of ancient magic."

"Ancient magic? Is that the same one you mentioned that Harry's mother used to save his life from You-Know-Who?"

"Yes," nodded Edward. "Imagine if wizards could thoroughly understand this kind of magic and replicate it? Imagine having the magic resistance of both dragons and trolls, with the strength of giants? That would truly be a fascinating thing, wouldn't it?"

"But professor, didn't you say that ancient magic could not be wielded by wizards? That only act of pure self-sacrifice can allow a witch or wizard to actually use it?" asked Hermione.

"You are partially correct. I do not think it is possible for a wizard to wield the power of love like Harry's mother did. However, replicating the innate abilities of magical animals like trolls and dragons is still possible, just need the right method. Visit n𝒐velbin(.)c𝒐m for 𝒏ew 𝒏ovels

"Not to mention that even if ancient magic is impossible to wield, it doesn't mean that we should not study it. I believe that magic is like science, meaning there are underlying principles that govern them. And our jobs as wizards is to study and discover these principles."

After saying this, Edward then looked at the pondering Hermione and he secretly nodded. He came here not only to give her a first good impression, but also to spread some of his ideas to her. Now that he was done, he decided to finish this troll off.

With a wave of his wand, the club of the troll transfigured into long chains that bound the troll until he fell on the ground, squirming and trying to free himself. Then, Edward walked next to his ears and pointed his wand. A powerful scream ringed on the troll's head, rupturing his eardrum, then he passed out. The odd thing was that this sound did not travel out loud, but only stayed in the vicinity of Edward and Hermione.

The spell that Edward used by one he modifies the Sonorous Charm into a specific sound wave attack to either kill or incapacitate his enemies--depending on the intensity that he chooses.

Soon after Edward dealt with the troll, he saw Harry and Ron rushing to the girls' bathroom.

"It seems that you have some true friends willing to go through danger to save you, Miss. Granger. That is an enviable thing."

"It seems so."

A few seconds later, Harry and Ron rushed inside and saw the troll on the ground. However, they were more occupied by her safety. After making sure she was alright did they notice Edward and the passed out troll.

Soon after, the other teachers came, and things proceeded in a similar way in the book with Hermione admitting that she went after the troll. Of course, she also acknowledged the fact that it was Edward who saved her life.

Then, everybody proceeded to go their own ways.

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