Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard

Chapter 26 - Body Modification

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The next day after the troll incident, the school did not immediately return to calm as all the students were talking about it. As for Edward, he was thinking about his future increase in strength.

All the things that he said to Hermione about ancient magic were not just random words, but plans he had made for himself.

On top of increasing his magic power level, Edward also planned to modify his Life Code to have similar ability to dragon skin and even the strength of giants.

In the original canon timeline, Hagrid was able to bend Vernon Dursley's shotguns into a knot with his bare hand. Although Edward considered himself a pure mage, he did not mind having extraordinary strength just in case he found himself in a place where magic does not work normally.

At first, Edward wanted to transplant another creature's bloodline into himself in an attempt to change his own Life Code, but he soon changed his mind after reading one of the books on the Restricted area.

It turned out someone in the past had a similar idea as him. Although this person did not discover the Life Code, he did find a way to isolate the bloodline of magical creatures and transplanted it into other people.

However, according to that particular book, this was a dangerous practice as the majority of bloodline transplant actually failed. As for the one who succeeded, their appearances were forcibly changed to be quite similar to the creatures that the original bloodline came from.

For example, if someone were to transplant a Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon's bloodline into them, then said person will develop reptilian features and scales all over their bodies, turning them into half human and half magical creatures.

In the past few months, Edward went back to his secret base on the moon and recreated the experiment in the book. And he discovered that the reason for the failure of the bloodline transplant was because each creatures' bloodline has their own Will inbedded into it.

And this Will will fight back when it is transplanted into a foreign body. And even if it fails in the fight, it can slowly transform a person to be more like the form of the animal that the bloodline came from.

After making this discovery, Edward then decided to improve his own already existing bloodline, instead of adding foreign ones to his body. To Edward, since wizards have their own bloodlines, then they can be also considered magical animals.

Now, all he has to do is find a way to copy some of the magical abilities or characteristics of other animals--like dragon' skin, giant' strength, and the phoenix's immortal-like ability--and recreate them into his own human bloodline.

And if he cannot do that, then he has to create spells that copy these bloodline abilities.

As a matter of fact, Edward is very close to achieving his goal. In the past months, he has discovered the magic virus that werewolves contain in their bodies that allow them to transform bloodline. He has even managed to isolate and remove this magical virus from any werewolf.

Now, what he is studying is how to program this magic virus so that it does not transform him into a werewolf, but modify his Life Code according to his instruction. Many books in the Restricted Area of the Library have inspired Edward and he believes that by the end of the first year, he should be successful in his endeavor.

Of course, Edward also knows that this process will not be as simple as he made it to be. In order to properly modify the Life Code, a vast amount of knowledge regarding its complexity is required. However, that problem will be solved by his experiment of observing how the embryo of all kinds of magical creatures develop.

In order to conduct this experiment, Edward got hold of a lot of magical creatures; a pair to be exact. He then forced them to mate, then placed them in an Alchemy room that observed and recorded the development of the embryo's Life Code from its moment of inception(i.e. just a sperm),to their slow development in the womb, and finally, to the moment they are born.

In order to conduct this experiment, Edward spent a lot of money as he had to buy countless different kinds of animals. At some point, he felt like he was Noah from the bible.

However, Edward felt like it was worth it with all the data he has received; his understanding of the Life Code has exponentially increased, and he believed that by next year, he should be ready to modify his own body.

By then, he will reach the level of strength of Dumbledore, Grindelwald, and Voldemort. By then, no one could truly restrict him in the world. Well. maybe except for Death itself.


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